Terms of Service


Supported Products

Tuff Techies provides service on the following products: Laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, TV antennas, receivers, and printers. Our technicians may work on other devices depending on their skill set. Added services are at the discretion of the manager and technician.

Free Diagnosis

We provide free diagnosis and estimates in-shop only.

Equipment Storage and Handling

Due to storage concerns, we will hold on to devices for up to 30 days after we contact you to pick up your device. After that time, if we have not heard from you we will consider your device abandoned and it will become the property of Tuff Techies. We cannot guarantee that your equipment will not be discarded after the initial 30 day period, so it is critical that you pick up your equipment on time or make arrangements with Tuff Techies to store your equipment until you can pick it up.


Tuff Techies does not guarantee the security and/or safety of your data. While we take every precaution possible to make sure the integrity of your data is unaffected, we cannot assume liability for any lost data as a result of services performed by Tuff Techies.

If we are aware that a procedure may result in loss of data, we will inform you of the possibility and will offer to back your data up at an additional cost. However, due to the complex nature of electronic devices, we cannot in advance predict what may happen to your data in every situation. We strongly encourage you to back up any important files, documents, and data before you bring your device in for service.


Tuff Techies accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash. We do not require upfront payment for estimates and diagnosis. Payment is due after you pick up your device or your on-site technician has completed their work.

Deposits are required for special orders over $500.

Terms of Service

This agreement is for the protection of both you, our customer, and Tuff Techies, LLC (hereafter referred to as “Tuff Techies”). We want our customers to fully understand any recommendations that we offer. Every customer has the right to accept or refuse all or part of our recommendation and/or receive a second opinion.

I understand that upon the completion of the authorized work, I will pay Tuff Techies services immediately the total invoice amount.

I understand that the Parts Warranty covers the cost of the parts only and is still subject to our Standard Labor Rate (Currently $79) and that these standard rates are subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing.

I understand that warranties only cover parts that fail through normal wear and tear. Collisions, Acts of God, negligence, intentional damage or failure to maintenance and care for the garage door can result in damage that will not be covered.

I understand that Tuff Techies gives a 90 Day labor warranty on every sale and that after 90 days if a problem persists I will be charged a service call fee ($79) to come out to assess the situation and that rate is subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing.

I understand the Tuff Techies Service Warranty is with the Purchasing Customer only and any warranty is not automatically transferable unless stating otherwise in writing.

I understand and agree that the Customer shall pay a $35.00 charge for all checks returned from the bank unpaid for any reason. If such occurs, Tuff Techies shall be entitled to demand and be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. It is understood that in the event of default by the customer, under the terms of this agreement, the customer will be responsible for any and all collection fees or court costs along with reasonable attorney’s fees. Should litigation or arbitration be required to settle any claim arising from this agreement, the prevailing party in any dispute shall be awarded all their reasonable attorney fees and costs. Costs shall include without limitation, expert witness fees, fees paid to investigators, arbitration, or court costs.

I understand that Tuff Techies is not responsible for any data loss or damages done to an electronics device during a repair. We recommend customers back up their data prior to having any work or diagnosis completed.

I understand that Tuff Techies is not responsible or liable for damages done to a home during an installation, repair, evaluation, service call, or estimate. This includes TV mountings, thermostat installations, TV antenna installations, and etc.

I acknowledge that I have provided Tuff Techies with consent to perform their services to the best of their abilities.

I fully understand the explanation of work received/recommended and assume the responsibility to pay my invoice in full at the completion of work. I also understand that my technology will not work properly unless I repair all the problems the technician has recommended.

I acknowledge that Tuff Techies does not warranty the products that they sell but merely passes along the manufacturer’s warranty. Tuff Techies may facilitate manufacturer warranty issues (when possible) but will charge a minimum of an in-shop hour (Currently $69) for this courtesy. Please see the manufacturer’s manual or website for more information about their warranties.

Tuff Techies reserves the right to refuse service at any time.