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SSD (Solid-State Drive) Upgrade

Only $249

  • Clone/copy the current hard drive to the new SSD
  • Remove the old hard drive
  • Install new SSD (Solid-State Drive)
  • Test computer for functionality

* Includes 500GB SSD, upgrade to a 1TB SSD for $50.


Want to speed up your computer? We can help with an SSD upgrade! Solid-state drives are 10x faster than traditional hard drives and they’re also the #1 recommended upgrade for increasing the speed of computers.

Our experts have upgraded and installed 100’s of solid-state drives and they’ll be happy to upgrade your computer too. Contact our team today to schedule your SSD upgrade!

Service options:

  • 500GB SSD (Solid-State Drive) – $99.99
  • 1TB SSD (Solid-State Drive) – $139.99
  • SSD installation bracket – $9.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benfits of an SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade?

An SSD (Solid-State Drive) upgrade offers numerous benefits over traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage, particularly for computers and other devices where speed, reliability, and efficiency are crucial. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Faster Data Access: SSDs offer significantly faster read and write speeds compared to HDDs. This allows for quicker file transfers, faster application launches, and generally more responsive system performance.
  2. Improved Boot Times: Computers with an SSD will boot up more quickly. This can be particularly noticeable when compared to older or slower HDDs, making the entire system feel more responsive.
  3. Lower Latency: SSDs can access data almost instantly, whereas HDDs have to physically move read/write heads to the data’s location on a spinning disk. This reduction in latency can make a significant difference in performance.
  4. Increased Reliability: SSDs have no moving parts, which makes them less prone to mechanical failures. This increased reliability can be particularly beneficial for laptops and other mobile devices that are subject to more physical wear and tear.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Because there are no moving parts, SSDs use less power, which can lead to longer battery life in laptops and lower energy bills in desktops.
  6. Noise Reduction: SSDs are generally quieter than traditional HDDs since they don’t have spinning disks or moving read/write heads. This can make for a more pleasant working environment, especially if you’re using the device in a quiet space.
  7. Less Heat Production: SSDs typically produce less heat than HDDs. This can result in lower cooling requirements and potentially extend the life of other system components.
  8. Lighter and More Compact: SSDs are often more compact and lighter than HDDs. This can be an advantage in laptops and other portable devices where space and weight are at a premium.
  9. Improved Multitasking: The faster data access of an SSD allows for smoother multitasking. Applications and files can be accessed more quickly, making it easier to switch between tasks without experiencing slowdown.
  10. Potential to Revive Older Systems: Upgrading to an SSD can give new life to an older computer that may be struggling with modern applications. The speed boost may make it feel like a new system, prolonging its useful life.
  11. Durability: SSDs are generally more shock-resistant than HDDs. This means they can withstand accidental drops or bumps better, which might be an essential consideration for laptops or external drives.
  12. Optimized for Specific Workloads: Some SSDs are designed and optimized for specific workloads, such as those needed for gaming, video editing, or data center tasks. These specialized drives can provide further enhancements to performance and reliability tailored to those specific needs.
  13. Consistent Performance: Unlike HDDs, SSD performance does not degrade with the drive’s fragmentation level. They deliver consistent performance regardless of how full they are.

While SSDs offer these substantial advantages, they tend to be more expensive per gigabyte than HDDs. Therefore, assessing your specific needs and budget is important when considering an SSD upgrade. In most cases, the performance benefits make SSDs a valuable investment for many users.

If you can't fix my computer do I still have to pay?

We offer a 100% No Fix No Pay Guarantee for in-shop services only.

All on-site (in-home) services, installations, upgrades, repairs, optimizations and etc must be paid for regardless of the outcome.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment online by clicking the Book Now or Request Service buttons. As well, you can call us at 928-710-7632 to book your in-home service.

If you are wanting to bring your device into our office, you do not need an appointment and can stop by any time during business hours.

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We’re located halfway down Robert Road in Prescott Valley at the corner of Robert Road and Spouse Drive. Our office is across the street from the Shell gas station and next to the Boost Mobile store.

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