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Are you an avid TV antenna enthusiast? Or perhaps a ‘do-it-yourself’ aficionado looking for the next weekend project? Whether you fall into one category, the other, or somewhere in between, if TV antennas are on your radar, Tuff Techies has got you covered!

For the DIYers: Quality Equipment for Maximum Performance

Let’s be honest, there’s a certain thrill in setting up your own TV antenna system. The satisfaction of tuning into crystal clear channels, knowing you did all the handiwork yourself, is incomparable. At Tuff Techies, we understand that passion and are here to support you every step of the way.

We proudly stock the finest equipment for the most discerning DIYers. Our range of Channel Master products guarantees the best signal acquisition and the maximum number of channels. However, the antenna is only a part of the equation. The installation materials you use can significantly affect performance. That’s why, alongside Channel Master antennas, we offer top-of-the-line installation materials from companies like Solid Signal and The Cimple Co. Because, at Tuff Techies, we believe in offering nothing but the best!

TV Antenna Installation Supplies We Keep in Stock

TV Antennas

  • Channel Master – Masterpiece 45 (Best low-VHF antenna for Prescott Valley)
  • Extreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • Channel Master – TV Antenna PreAmp 1
  • Channel Master – 2-Port TV Antenna Booster
  • Channel Master – 4-Port TV Antenna Booster
  • Channel Master – 8-Port TV Antenna Booster

Mounting Supplies

  • 39 Inch J-Mount
  • Adjustable Eave Mount
  • 3 Ft Tripof Mount
  • Universal Roof/Attic Mount
  • 5 Ft Steel Antenna Mast with Swedged End

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Coax Compression Connectors
  • Cable Fasteners
  • 1-1,000 Ft RG6 Coax Cable (Black outdoor)

Professional Installation Services

For those who prefer to leave it to the pros, we’ve got your back too. At Tuff Techies, our team of trained professionals can take the hassle out of TV antenna installations. From assessing the optimal location for maximum signal strength to setting up the entire system seamlessly, our technicians ensure a smooth and efficient process. All you need to do is sit back, grab your remote, and dive into a world of unlimited entertainment.

Don’t want to do the dirty work yourself? Want the best signal possible for your location? Check out Tuff Techies’ professional TV Antenna Installation service and schedule your free on-site estimate to get started.

Visit Our Local Shop

Whether you’re in the market for a brand-new antenna, quality installation materials, or expert advice, Tuff Techies is your one-stop destination. Conveniently located in Prescott Valley, our local shop welcomes you to experience firsthand the quality of products and services we offer. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide you, ensuring that you make informed decisions for your TV antenna needs.

In conclusion, Tuff Techies is more than just a business; we’re a community of TV enthusiasts committed to ensuring the best viewing experience for everyone in Prescott Valley. Whether you’re a DIY champ or someone who values expert installations, we’ve got the solutions you seek. So why wait? Drop by our shop today and discover the Tuff Techies difference for yourself!

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