Tuff Techies in Prescott Valley Now Offers Free Electronics Recycling!

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Free Electronics Recycling in Prescott Valley

Are you looking for a place to recycle your unwanted electronics in Prescott Valley, AZ? Here at Tuff Techies, we’re excited to announce a brand new service that is not only going to benefit our customers but also our beautiful planet – Tuff Techies in Prescott Valley now offers free electronics recycling!

In an effort to support our community and environmental sustainability, we’ve initiated a no-cost recycling program for all your unwanted electronics in Prescott Valley, AZ. No more worrying about what to do with those outdated gadgets cluttering up your space!

Where to Recycle?

You can bring in all your electronic waste to our Prescott Valley location at:

4593 North Robert Road, Suite B,
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

What Can You Recycle for Free?

We are accepting a wide array of electronic items, including but not limited to:

  • Televisions (TVs): Regardless of size or type, from CRTs to flat screens.
  • DVD Players: Done with your old DVDs? Bring the player here.
  • VRCs: Yes, even your vintage video cassette recorders.
  • Computers: Desktops, laptops, and all-in-ones.
  • Printers: Inkjet, laser, or dot matrix – we take them all.
  • Modems/Routers: Time to upgrade? Recycle the old ones.
  • Gaming Systems: From retro consoles to the latest systems.
  • Tablets: No matter the brand or model.
  • Smartphones: Clear out that drawer of old phones.

Check out our complete list of what CAN and CAN’T be recycled [+]

Why Recycle Electronics?

Recycling electronics is crucial for numerous reasons:

  • Conserve Natural Resources: Many parts of electronics can be reused, reducing the need to mine new raw materials.
  • Protect the Environment: Proper disposal prevents harmful chemicals from entering the ecosystem.
  • Data Security: We ensure that all personal data is securely destroyed in the recycling process.
  • Community Support: Recycling creates potential materials for local schools and organizations to refurbish and use.

Ready to Recycle?

Bring in your old electronics today. There’s no appointment needed, and no limit to how much you can recycle. Just drop by during our business hours, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re not just helping you clean up your space; we’re ensuring a cleaner planet for future generations.

For more information, contact us or swing by our Prescott Valley location. Let’s make a difference together, one recycled gadget at a time!

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