The Average Cost of Cell Phone Repairs: Popular Brands and Common Repairs

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How much does the average cell phone repair cost? In the digital age, cell phones are indispensable, serving not just as communication devices but as gateways to the internet, media centers, and much more. However, the complexity and frequent use of smartphones mean they are susceptible to damage. From shattered screens to battery failures, knowing the potential repair costs can help you decide whether to fix or replace a damaged phone. This guide provides detailed insights into the average costs of cell phone repairs, focusing on major brands and common repair needs.

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Understanding repair costs is crucial, especially as the price can vary widely depending on the phone brand, model, and type of damage. Below, we detail the costs associated with the most common issues for leading smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.

1. Screen Repairs and Replacement

The screen is the most vulnerable component of a smartphone. Here’s what you can expect to pay for screen repairs:

  • Apple iPhones: The cost of replacing a screen on newer iPhone models such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can range from $279 to $499 without warranty coverage. For older models like the iPhone 8, the cost drops to about $149 to $199.
  • Samsung Galaxy Phones: Repair costs for the Galaxy S20 and S21 series range from $219 to $299. The premium Galaxy Note models can cost up to $309 for screen replacements.
  • Google Pixel Phones: Screen repairs for models like the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 are typically priced between $129 and $280.

2. Battery Replacement

Battery performance degrades over time, and replacement is a common solution for extending the life of your device:

  • Apple iPhones: Battery replacements for out-of-warranty iPhones (from iPhone X onwards) cost approximately $69, while older models are cheaper at $49.
  • Samsung Galaxy Phones: Expect to pay between $79 and $99 for battery replacements in Galaxy devices.
  • Google Pixel Phones: The cost for replacing a Pixel battery ranges from $79 to $109.

3. Charging Port Repairs

The charging port is another common failure point due to debris accumulation or damage from frequent use:

  • Apple iPhones: Repair costs range from $99 for older models to $199 for the latest models.
  • Samsung Galaxy Phones: Samsung users will typically incur costs between $99 and $159 to fix a charging port.
  • Google Pixel Phones: Repairing a Pixel charging port will cost between $99 and $159.

4. Camera Repairs and Replacement

A non-functional camera can severely impact the usability of a smartphone, especially with the growing emphasis on photo and video capabilities:

  • Apple iPhones: Depending on the model and camera complexity, repairs can range from $99 to an astonishing $599.
  • Samsung Galaxy Phones: Camera repair costs for Galaxy devices can vary from $100 to $400.
  • Google Pixel Phones: Pixel camera repairs are also varied, costing between $129 and $280.


The cost of repairing a smartphone can influence whether it’s more economical to repair or replace a device. Companies like Tuff Techies offer competitive pricing and high-quality service for out-of-warranty repairs, providing a valuable alternative to official service centers. By understanding these repair costs, you can better manage your mobile devices’ lifecycle and make informed decisions about their upkeep.

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