Tablo 4th Gen Only Firmware Release 2.2.52 Update: What You Need to Know

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The latest firmware 2.2.52 update for Tablo’s 4th Generation devices is here, bringing enhanced performance, new features, and crucial bug fixes. This update is exclusive to 4th Generation Tablo DVRs and marks another step in improving the user experience for those who rely on Tablo for their over-the-air (OTA) recording and streaming needs.

(This firmware update excludes all legacy Tablo DVRs.)


Staged Rollout Process

The firmware update is being distributed in a staged rollout over the next few weeks. A small group of customers will receive the update first, with more users added to the rollout every weekday. This gradual approach ensures stability and allows for quick troubleshooting if any issues arise. Users will be notified via the Tablo app when their device is eligible for the update.

Update Notification

When your Tablo 4th Generation device is ready for the update, a notification will appear within your Tablo app. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Notification Example: The notification will alert you to the available firmware update and guide you through the installation process.
  • LED Indicator: The white LED on your Tablo device will blink until it has successfully checked in with the Tablo servers.

Key Improvements and Features

Release Notes for Tablo (4th Gen Only) Firmware (2.2.52)

  1. Improved Robustness for Free Streaming Channel Playback and Recording
    • Enhanced stability and performance when accessing and recording free streaming channels, ensuring a smoother experience.
  2. Playback Control Fix for Roku Users
    • Resolves an issue where some completed recordings were not offering full playback control on Roku devices, restoring expected functionality.
  3. Storage Space Bug Fix
    • Addresses a rare scenario that caused recording failures due to a reported lack of storage space, even when space was available.
  4. General Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
    • A series of smaller bug fixes and performance enhancements to ensure overall better reliability and user experience.

Important Notes for Users

  • Samsung & LG App Users: Ensure your Tablo app is up-to-date before proceeding with the firmware update. Failing to update the app may result in connectivity issues with your Tablo on Samsung and LG smart TVs.
  • Post-Update Connectivity: If you encounter trouble connecting to your Tablo after the update, wait 10 minutes, then reboot the Tablo device and try again.

Support and Feedback

For those who need additional support or have questions about the firmware update, Tablo provides several resources:

  • Support Portal: Visit the Tablo Support Portal for tips and tricks on successful firmware updates.
  • Support Tickets: If you need direct assistance, place a support ticket, and a Tablo representative will be in touch.


The latest firmware update for the Tablo 4th Generation DVR brings significant enhancements in performance and usability. With improved streaming and recording capabilities, crucial bug fixes, and general performance improvements, this update reinforces Tablo’s commitment to providing a top-tier user experience. Make sure your device and apps are up-to-date to enjoy the full benefits of these improvements.

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