How to Install an Outdoor TV Antenna

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Guide to Setting Up an Exterior TV Antenna

TV antennas can give access to multiple channels, often with crisp high-definition visuals. While exterior antennas demand a tad more elbow grease compared to their interior counterparts, both setups are fairly straightforward.

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

Preparation is the key to a smooth installation process. Ensure you’ve all the necessary materials before commencing. Avoid the frustration of pausing halfway due to missing components.

Here’s a checklist for your outdoor TV antenna setup:

  • Mounting apparatus: mast, pole, base, wall fixture, or chimney strap (for fixing the antenna outside your house).
  • Stabilizing materials: guy wires, u-bolts (to fasten the antenna firmly).
  • Coaxial cable and its connectors.
  • Add-ons: rotator, secondary antenna, or signal enhancer (if you consider using any).
  • Sealant (for sealing any drilled holes).
  • Compass (to orient the antenna towards transmission towers).
  • Leveling tool.
  • Ladder.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Electric drill.
  • Wrench.
  • Roof fixings.

Do note that specific installations might vary, so some items might not be needed, or you might need more of a particular component. Plus, you’ll need a TV with a digital tuner or the necessary coaxial cable connections.

Step 2: Preliminary TV Setup & Signal Test

Unpack your antenna. If it isn’t pre-assembled, assemble it. Using the coaxial cable, link the antenna to your TV. Connect it to the “Antenna/Cable” port on your TV, or if needed, employ a digital tuner for the connection. Power on your TV to check the connection. Use your tuner or antenna’s menu to scan for channels.

Step 3: Deciding the Antenna’s Location

Positioning is paramount for outdoor antennas. The ideal spot impacts the number of channels and signal clarity.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Point your antenna to the nearest broadcast towers. Tools like,, and RCA Signal Finder app can guide you.
  • Elevation matters: 10-20 feet above ground is ideal. Steer clear from large obstructions, such as skyscrapers, thick forests, or hilly terrains.
  • For optimal results, aim your antenna directly at the signal’s source.
  • Aesthetics matter. The antenna’s design and positioning can alter your home’s visual appeal.
  • If under a Homeowner’s Association, review their guidelines. Although the FCC restricts HOAs from barring antenna installations, they might have location stipulations.
  • Avoid tight bends or abrupt twists in the coaxial cable. Consider potential cable routing and drilling beforehand.

Boosting Your Reception

Despite having a clear line to the towers, if the reception isn’t up to par, the problem might be the distance between your antenna and TV, especially with splitters in play. If your coaxial cable stretches beyond 100 feet, you might lose a significant signal chunk. An amplifier could be the solution.

If any step seems daunting or beyond your skill set, consider hiring an expert for assistance. Need help? Check out our TV Antenna Installation service.

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