How to Disable Closed Captioning on the Tablo (4th Generation) Over-the-Air OTA DVR to Avoid Crashes

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The Tablo 4th Generation Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR is a versatile device that allows you to record and stream live TV from an antenna to multiple devices. It provides a great way to enjoy free broadcast TV, but like any technology, it can occasionally encounter issues. One such issue that some users have reported is crashes related to the closed captioning feature. If you’re experiencing this problem, disabling closed captioning might help stabilize your Tablo DVR. Here’s how you can do it.

Why Disable Closed Captioning?

Closed captioning is an essential feature for many users, providing text descriptions of audio content for the hearing impaired. However, in certain instances, this feature can cause the Tablo DVR to crash. This can be due to various factors such as software bugs or compatibility issues with specific TV broadcasts. Disabling closed captioning can potentially resolve these crashes and improve the overall performance of your Tablo DVR.

Steps to Disable Closed Captioning on Tablo OTA DVR

Step 1: Access the Tablo App

To begin, you’ll need to access the Tablo app on your preferred device. The Tablo app is available on various platforms including:

  • Smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.)
  • Smart TVs
  • Web browsers

Ensure that your device is connected to the same network as your Tablo DVR.

Step 2: Open Settings

Once you’re in the Tablo app, navigate to the settings menu. The location of the settings menu may vary slightly depending on the platform, but it is typically represented by a gear icon or located in the main menu.

Step 3: Locate the Closed Captioning Option

In the settings menu, look for the option related to closed captioning. This might be labeled as “Closed Captioning,” “CC,” or something similar. The exact wording can vary depending on the app version and platform.

Step 4: Disable Closed Captioning

Once you have located the closed captioning option, select it to toggle the feature off. This will disable closed captioning across all your recorded and live TV content on the Tablo DVR.

Step 5: Save Changes and Exit

After disabling closed captioning, ensure you save any changes if prompted. Then, exit the settings menu. Your changes should take effect immediately.

Additional Tips

  • Restart Your Tablo DVR: After making changes to the settings, it can be beneficial to restart your Tablo DVR. This helps ensure that the changes are properly applied and can help clear any temporary glitches.
  • Update Your Firmware: Make sure your Tablo DVR is running the latest firmware. Firmware updates can contain important bug fixes and improvements that may address issues related to closed captioning and overall performance.
  • Contact Support: If disabling closed captioning does not resolve the crashes, consider reaching out to Tablo customer support for further assistance. There may be other underlying issues that need to be addressed.


While closed captioning is a valuable feature for many users, it can sometimes cause stability issues with the Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR. By following the steps outlined above, you can disable closed captioning and potentially resolve these crashes, ensuring a smoother and more reliable viewing experience. If problems persist, don’t hesitate to seek additional help from Tablo’s support team.

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