Fans Can Now Watch The Phoenix Suns Games For Free With an Over-the-Air TV Antenna or Online Streaming App

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This summer marked a significant shift in sports broadcasting as the Phoenix Suns pioneered a groundbreaking move away from traditional sports networks. The Suns, in a strategic collaboration with Gray Television, are now offering their games free over-the-air. Fans can easily watch games by simply using a TV antenna to acquire free local television. This evolution in sports viewing means fans in Phoenix and throughout Arizona’s TV markets can now enjoy Phoenix Suns and WNBA Phoenix Mercury games without cost on KTVK and KPHE channels.

Moreover, the launch of the Suns Live streaming platform is a game-changer for in-market streaming, allowing fans to catch the action on various devices through the dedicated Suns and Mercury applications. While Mercury games are available for free streaming within the market, Suns games are accessible at an attractive subscription fee of $14.99 monthly or $109.99 for the entire season, a notable saving compared to the previous $19.99 monthly rate charged by Bally Sports.

Debbie Bush, VP and General Manager of Arizona’s Family, emphasized the community-building aspect of live sports and the enhanced fan engagement anticipated through this inclusive broadcasting model. This partnership ensures a broad coverage of both Suns and Mercury games, with KTVK slated to telecast a selection of Mercury regular season and all postseason matches, and KPHE covering additional regular-season games. A minimum of 70 Suns games will be aired each season, further cementing this partnership’s commitment to delivering top-notch sports entertainment to viewers.

Pat LaPlatney, President & Co-CEO of Gray Television, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, applauding Suns’ owner Mat Ishbia for fulfilling his pledge to prioritize community and fans. This collaboration between the Suns and Gray Television stations in Phoenix, Tucson, and eventually Yuma is pioneering, marking the Suns as the first major NBA team to sever ties with Bally Sports and Diamond Sports amidst their bankruptcy proceedings.

This transformative approach not only promises to enhance the fan experience but also sets a new standard for sports broadcasting accessibility.

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