Coronavirus COVID-19 Operations 

Coronavirus Update:

We have received many inquiries from customers about Tuff Techies operating status and policies during the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The short answer is that we are operational, but adapting to the challenges. All of our techs, as well as our other staff members, are working hard to deliver in-home tech support services and remote tech support. Our team will continue to offer our services wherever we can, subject to local regulations and provided we are confident that we can do so in a safe and effective manner.

With that being said, we share your concerns about the risks of Coronavirus. To mitigate these, we have provided our techs with detailed resource advisories for how to handle in-home jobs as safely as possible for everyone based on CDC and WHO guidance. The latest advisory is HERE.

Quick questions and answers:

Are you still open? Yes.

Are you still offering in-home services? Yes.

Are you still offering remote tech support? Yes.

Is your local shop open to the public? Yes.

To remain open and continue to ensure the safety of you, your devices, and our staff we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • Our stores and technicians continue to practice good hygiene practices by sanitizing all surfaces.
  • All devices are sanitized upon drop off and before being returned.
  • Work stations are disinfected before and after each repair.
  • Devices will be kept separate from other devices.
  • Some locations will also provide free pickup and delivery repair services. 

We ask that customers do their part to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Please try to avoid scheduling any work with us if you meet any of the higher risk categories as identified by the CDC. The complete list is HERE.
  • If a service can be performed remotely (i.e., a computer tune-up), we ask that you use our remote services instead of in-home services.
  • If you feel sick please contact us to cancel your service.
  • Please be prepared for the tech to perform the work as expeditiously as possible (e.g., have passwords ready, be at home on time, etc.).
  • Please refrain from physical greetings such as handshakes.
  • Maximize personal distance. Most health resources recommend keeping six (6) feet away from others to minimize the chance of spreading germs.
  • After the service use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

We appreciate the chance to serve you and hope that this situation resolves itself quickly. Stay healthy friends!


Tuff Techies Team

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